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Find answers to common questions about Salt Lake City bankruptcy

What is the cost of filing for Salt Lake City bankruptcy?

The cost to file bankruptcy is different for each individual case. The cost will depend on the details of your case. The best way to determine the cost to file bankruptcy is to speak with our Salt Lake City bankruptcy attorney. Our attorney will help you evaluate you case and determine what it will cost to file bankruptcy.

Will I ever get credit again?

You will get credit again. However, you should know certain things that have to do with your credit after Salt Lake City bankruptcy. Some banks offer secured credit cards specifically for those who have filed for bankruptcy. This card allows those who have filed for bankruptcy to build their credit again.


You might have trouble getting loans after bankruptcy. You can qualify for a mortgage loan after two years of being discharged from your bankruptcy. More important than filing for bankruptcy is the size of your down payment.

Bankruptcy appears on a credit report for ten years. After ten years of being discharged from your Salt Lake City bankruptcy, the bankruptcy will no longer be on your credit report.

What should I expect from the Salt Lake City bankruptcy process?

The process of Salt Lake City bankruptcy confuses many people. We suggest that you start the bankruptcy process with a consultation with our experienced attorneys. This will help make the process of bankruptcy go smoother and quicker. Our attorneys will help you find out what is right for you.

Before you file for Salt Lake City bankruptcy you need to finish a credit counseling course. Once you have finished the course and your attorney has compiled your petition you can then file for bankruptcy. Immediately upon filing for bankruptcy the court issues an automatic stay. This automatic stay prevents your creditors from harassing you. Your creditors cannot try to collect your debts.

Shortly after filing for Salt Lake City bankruptcy the court has the 341 meeting. You need to attend this meeting. In the meeting the trustee, who acts as the judge, will ask you to list all your assets and liabilities. Your assets will be either exempt or non-exempt. The trustee will then repossess your non-exempt assets to sell and then disperse the money to the creditors.

You need to complete another course. Before your debts are discharged you need to complete a personal financial management course. Once you have completed the course and your non-exempt assets have been sold then the court discharges you from your debts.

Will creditors stop harassing me?

When you file for bankruptcy there is an immediate stay of proceedings. Many debtors find relief after they file for Salt Lake City bankruptcy because of the automatic stay. The stay prohibits creditors from harassing you. This means that your creditors can no longer try to collect your debts.

The automatic stay stops harassment from unsecured creditors. Secured creditors can get the stay lifted if payments are not made. An example of a secured debt is a house. If you do not continue to make payments on your secured debts the stay can be lifted.

How long does Salt Lake City Bankruptcy take?

The time it takes to complete Salt Lake City bankruptcy varies depending on which Chapter of bankruptcy you file. The time can be longer if you try to file for bankruptcy by yourself or if you have an inexperienced attorney. Our Salt Lake City bankruptcy attorneys will make sure your case is done quickly.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not last as long as Chapter 13. Chapter 7 bankruptcy takes between 3-5 months. If you prepare well it will go faster. Chapter 13 bankruptcy takes between 3-5 years. Chapter 13 bankruptcy takes longer because you have a payment plan. You make payments on your debts to help you catch up on your debts.

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